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Name:Mr. Andrew MacIntyre
Address:Rose Cottage
Originally from:Kilphedar South Uist
Place of death:Falkirk, while cycling
Occupation:Bridge Builder
Additional Info:Andrew was married to Grace Rennie. They lived in Falkirk. His parents were Donald MacIntyre and Margaret nee MacDonald of Kilphedar. He was a Gardener and also a Bridge Builder. He was hit by a motor car as he was cycling from his place of employment. His sister, Mary, is buried next to him.
One of his relatives, Mrs. Grace Milburn, travelled all the way from New Zealand in June 2011 to deliver this plaque for his gravestone. Caretaker Archie Walker mounted it on the concrete which you can view in the photo on the record.
Gravestone Inscription:Accidentally killed in traffic while cycling
Beloved Andrew MacIntyre
1874 - 1947
Bridge Builder

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