New Information

New Additions:

Record No. 6107, Mrs. Alice MacKinnon, Kilbride, South Uist

Record No. 6108, Mr. Angus John MacKinnon, Kilbride, South Uist

Record No. 6106, Mrs. Mary Jane Campbell, LochEynort


New Gravestones:

Record No. 6100, Mr. Stephen MacIntyre, Strome

Record No. 6075, Mrs. Donella scott, Lochboisdale

Record No. 6079, Miss Annette MacIntyre, Kilphedar

Record No. 6092, Mr. Neil Campbell, LochEynort

Record No. 6097, Mr. Allan Grant

Record No. 6105, Mr. Calum MacLellan, Lochboisdale

Record No. 6067, John Francis Peter MacIntye, Campbelltown




 Cladh Hallan News Article

An article was published in Am Paipear, the community newspaper of the Southern Isles in December 2010 about the Cladh Hallan Project.  The article reflects on the thoughts behind the project and how it has evolved into what you see today. 

To view this article, please click here.

How to View Unknown Graves

How to view:

Click on Grave Finder

Click on "Advanced" Search

In the "Forename" space, type in "Unknown".

All of the graves will come up.  Some have townships or possibly last names.  There is some information there, but it is very little.  Please have a look!

You can also view unmarked graves in the Interactive Map.  If you believe you may know someone who is buried in a specific section, open that section on the Interactive Map and then slowly scroll your mouse over the green coloured graves.  If some come up as "unknown" then click on the record to view.  Some green coloured graves have absolutely no information.  They are the ones who have no "black dots" on top of them.

More information is available on the Interactive Map page.