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View Record Number 255 - Mr. Donald O'Henley

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Name:Mr. Donald O'Henley
South Uist
Lair Number:536
Gravestone Inscription:In Loving Memory Of
Donald O'Henley
Died 23rd August 1957
Erected By His Wife and Family
A New stone was erected with his family on it. It reads:
In Loving Memory Of
Kate MacDonald
Died 12th June 1967
Beloved Wife Of
Donald O'Henley
Died 13th August 1959
Their Dear Daughters
Died 14th February 1982
Died 13th February 1996
"Fois Shiorruidh Thoir Dhaibh A Thighearna"

Additional Grave Info:The inscription when translated from Gaelic means "Eternal Rest Grant Unto Them O Lord"
Please note that original gravestones lists day of death as 23rd of August; the new stone lists date of death as 13th August.

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