Interactive Map

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How To Use The Interactive Map

Click on a section for a closer view.  Scroll through the graves slowly with your mouse.  As you scroll over grave numbers, a small window will pop up, with the name of the person  who is buried in that space. Click if you wish to view the record.  To exit the map, click on "Close Page".  To print map, click on "Print Map" either while you are viewing the whole map or the section, and it will print whichever map you are viewing.

Index to graves:

Green coloured graves denote a grave with no headstone or a headstone that is shared with one or more family members.

Red coloured graves denote a grave with a headstone.

Black dots on top of graves indicate that there is information available on this grave.

Black coloured graves with black numbers indicate that these graves were inserted after the initial survey was complete.  These could be persons who have recently died or others that were missed out when the original survey took place and was discovered later.  All these graves will begin with the number 4.  The orignal survey took place in June 2009.

Some graves are listed as "unknown".  On most of them there is some information but not enough to positively identify the person.

If there is no black dot on the grave and it is showing only the colour green on its own, there is nothing available on the person buried there and it is hoped that someone will come forward with information.

4028 4030 4036 4037 4043 4049 4050 4073 4074 4075 4076 4077 5004 5012 6071 section map 1